Westech began trading in 1989 and was related to control and instrumentation supply and service until 1998 when it was acquired by a management team who had been operating what was Graseby Andersen Ltd.

Staff at Westech have 49 years combined experience in design, manufacture, supply and servicing of Isokinetic and gas sampling manual stack trains. Westech has been supplying some clients with gas sampling stack trains for over 20 years which confirms the commitment to customers.

Westech has supplied and consulted for many Environmental Protection Agencies around the world on all manner of air quality and sampling issues.

In recent years the company has introduced a range of devices and instruments to make life a little more bearable for the Stack Tester, these include the Westech Profile Velocity Data Logger.

Technology from the Westech MST SuperProbe has been transferred to the M9096 Mini Gas Train Probe giving an exceptional operating life, to the point where we can offer extended warranties on the Heated Sampling Probes.

If you require further information about Westech products such as the mini portable gas sampler/stack train of the Profile Velcoty Data Logger, please click here to Contact us