The M9096 is a mini low cost Isokinetic Particulate Gas Stack Sampler designed to operate to various international standards or methods. The measurement of particulate emmissions is an essential feature of any air quality monitoring programme.

As standard the M9096 In-stack manual method particulate sampler or mini stack train can be used for US EPA Method 17 and ISO9096. Some standards such as EN13284 may require additional options such as the Internal Valve Set with an external large capacity pump to ensure that the limitations of the minimum nozzle size (6mm) do not restrict the flow range given higher stack velocities.

The M9096 Mini stack train is designed to be used with an In-Stack Filter Holder, therefore the applications that it can be typically used for would be the addition of a Midget Impinger Set, which enables the user to undertake a variety of manual method gas sampling tests, many of which require a low flow (0-2lpm) sample flow rate. The M9096 is ideally suited to this type of application given that the internal sample pump has a flow range up to 12lpm. A low scale Rotameter Tube is available (0-5lpm) ensuring accuracy during the procedure.

The accurate isokinetic assessment of particulate emmissions requires the measurement of stack gas density, which is usually undertaken using a mini gas analyser.

USA EPA Methods

Method 4 Determination of moisture

Method 6 Determination of SO2

Method 6a Determination of SO2, C0O2 and moisture

Method 7 Determination of NOx**

Method 7a Determination of NOx (Ion chrom)**

Method 11 Determination of Hydrogen Sulfide*

Method 16a Determination of total reduced sulfides**

Method 26 Determination of HCl*

European and International Standards

EN1911 Determination of HCl (vapor only)

ISO 7934 Determination of S02 (thorin method)

ISO 11 Determination of SO2 (ion chrom)

ISO 1156 Determination of NOx

* Modification

Additional Items such as a Heated Filter Box may be required, all available upon request.