Q) How much does the M9096 Stack Train weigh?

A) The standard M9096 Particulate Sampling System weighs 18Kgs and if the Delta Profile Velocity Meter is included with the sampler then it weighs 19Kgs.

Q) Where can the M9096 Particle Sampling System be used?

A) The M9096 Portable Sampler is used for measuring particulate emissions from stacks, ducts or chimneys where the stack conditions are suitable; maximum temperature - 200°C; maximum water content – 3%; and maximum stack velocity – 20m/s dependant on nozzle size.

Q) What is the M9096 Stack Sampler used for?

A) The M9096 Sampling Train is used for Isokinetic Particulate Sampling using an In-Stack Filter Holder according to various national and international standards including EN13284, US EPA Method 17 and ISO 9096.

Q) What are the limitations of the M9096 Portable Particulate Sampling Train?

A) The standard M9096 Particle Sampler can only be used for the In Stack Filter Holder Method where stack conditions are suitable (maximum temperature - 200°C; maximum water content – 3%; and maximum stack velocity – 20m/s dependant on nozzle size) and the stack size is less than 4 meters with sampling ports on both sides. The maximum probe size the M9096 sampler will support is 2 meters.

Q) What are the limitations of the M9096 Gas Sampling Train?

A) The M9096 Gas Sampling Train samples gases only to various national and international standards. The measurements are non isokinetic and in the flowrate range of 0-5lpm at stack temperatures less than 200°C. The gas sampling train requires a sample pumping and metering system such as the M9096 Flow Control Console.

Q) What options are available for the M9096 Particulate Sampler

A) The M9096 Particle Sampling System can be modified to bypass the internal pump to use an external pump for higher flow applications or where the relevant standards such as EN13284 or ISO9096, limit the size of nozzle that may be used during the isokinetic sampling test. Sampling flowrates of up to 50lpm can be achieved.
The M9096 Flow Control Console can be used with the M9096 Gas Sampling Train for the measurement of gases in stack, ducts and chimneys.

Q) Can the M9096 Stack Sampler measure dioxins?

A) The M9096 Sampler cannot be used for dioxins. For the measurement of dioxins in emissions you will need the Westech MST Manual Stack Train – details are available at http://www.westechinstruments.com/prodlist.asp?productCategory=Manual Stack Sampling Train (MST)

Q) How do I calculate the isokinetics for the M9096 Isokinetic Stack Sampling System?

A) If you are an existing or new customer for the M9096, you are entitled to access our Calculations Spreadsheet. Please contact us via the website if you wish to receive this information. Or alternatively, you can attend one of the training courses for isokinetic sampling at Westech Instrument Services, which cover all the necessary subject theory and more.

Q) Where has the M9096 Stack Sampler been used?

A) The M9096 has been used in countries worldwide as the sampling system complies with many national and international standards including UK, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Vietnam, India, Ireland, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, China and others.

Q) How is the M9096 Stack Sampler shipped?

A) The M9096 Stack Sampling system is truly portable – it’s a complete isokinetic particulate sampling train in a suitcase. The M9096 is easily transported and can be shipped cheaply anywhere in the world in a matter of days – even by courier service. The outer casing is made from strengthened polypropolene designed to protect the instrument from damage. Watertight – Dustproof – Crushproof – Corrosionproof!

Q) What is the Delta Profile?

A) The Westech Delta Profile is a temperature and differential pressure meter that is used to determine the velocity of the gases travelling in a stack, duct or chimney. The Profile has datalogging capability that allows the user to store the stack velocity measurements from various points across the stack, duct or chimney and displays the data as a velocity profile.

Q) How is the Delta Profile used in conjunction with the M9096 Stack Sampling Train.

A) In order to set up the M9096 Particulate Sampler for stack testing, it is necessary to measure the differential pressure, temperature and the velocity at various points within the stack, duct or chimney. The Westech Delta Profile is the simplest way of making these measurements which are then used in the M9096 Isokinetic Sampling Software to determine the sampling parameters for conducting the isokinetic particulate sampling test.

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