Mini Gas Train Spec Sheet


Mini Gas Sampling Train

for Low Flow Constant rate Vapour phase Gas with options for Heated Filter Box & Filter (as shown).
Can also be used for Side Stream Sampling.
Comprises of:
1M-Heated Glass Lined Probe (110V)
Support Tube
Midget Impinger Set with Ice bath
Umbilicals (un-heated)
Temperature Controller (110V)
Requires external pumping & flow metering system such as Westech’s M9096 Mini Stack
Train Console

Impinger set includes:

5 Plain Tube & 1 Jetted 40cl midget Impingers with U-Tubes, Clamps, PTFE Fittings & tubing with Foam Insert and Ice Packs.
USA EPA Methods
Method 4 Determination of moisture
Method 6 Determination of SO2
Method 6a Determination of SO2, C0O2 and moisture

European and International Standards

EN1911 Determination of HCl (vapor only)
ISO 7934 Determination of S02 (thorin method)
ISO 11 Determination of SO2 (ion chrom) (not published yet)
Can be used for other gases with rearrangement

Other Options:

Longer probes, up to 2.0M
Optional Probe Liner Materials: SS, Titanium, Quartz Glass, and PTFE.
Accessory Glassware, fittings, tubing, Manifolds for Side Stream Sampling.
Servicing, Calibration, Training & Consultancy.


Gas Sampling Nozzle, replaceable Liner

Heated Probe Controller,
Optional Two Channel shown

O-ring Jointed Midget Glassware

PTFE Ball Joints for Compliant Connection